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All Is Calm And All Is Bright


The world has been through a lot these past few months, including the United States. As we head into the Holiday season, it is my hope we can all take a deep breath, slow down and immerse ourselves into the true meaning of the season. I know the Holidays can get crazy and overwhelming. It is easy to get caught up in the “busy- ness” of finding the right gift, putting together the perfect Christmas card, decorating, baking, entertaining and so on. Before we know it, it’s over and we missed feeling the peace, the joy and  the hope which this season is meant to bring.  I want to give you today, a simple idea to do by yourself, or with your family, to help stay centered, calm and able to see all that is bright this Holiday Season.

Create an Advent Calendar. I am not talking about a cardboard one with Santa and chocolates.  I found this one. It is beautiful, easy to make and packed with meaning. You can copy it or come up with your own variation. What I love about this, especially, is that each day there is a special note to unroll. What is on each note? It could be something you are grateful for in your life right now. I love my river trail near my house that I get to walk on almost every morning. Maybe it’s a special friendship, a favorite dish that another family member makes that you enjoy or some special event that happened this past year that made you happy. Whatever it is, come up with things that bring joy. Get the family involved and let everyone contribute. You might be surprised to discover simple things that brings joy to another family member. It may spark a clever gift idea! The rolled notes are special presents. Each day you get to open one. It is my hope that they bring much peace and joy.

Your home is the setting to your life story. By filling it with hope, peace and joy, all will remain calm and all will be bright. As always I am here to help. Feel fre to send me an email with any questions you may have at suzanne@arrangespace.com




For more inspiration on how to prepare and enjoy this special season ahead, follow my Pinterest Page “Heading Into The Holidays” at https://www.pinterest.com/arrangespace/heading-into-the-holidays/



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