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Creating Comfort For Overnight Guests

Ah.. Summer. A time to slow down and enjoy the long, lazy days, to relax and refresh.  It is also a good time to reconnect with family and friends. How can you ensure your guests will be extra comfortable during their stay with you? Here are a few, simple ideas.

1. Provide good pillows and comfortable sheets! Nothing beats a good night's sleep in a strange bed. They don't have to be expensive just soft and comfortable. I recommend Costco's Serta Stay Cool Memory Foam pillws and Target's Threshold Performance 400 Thread count sheets. Sprinkle a bit of lavender oil on the pillows and they will be snoozing.

2. Have an assortment of your favorite books, magazines and/or brochures of "Places of Interest" in your town for your guests to browse through at their leisure.

3. A light scented candle for them to light if they wish in their room. My favorite for summer is Shoreline by Aquiesse.


4. Place an extra phone charger in their room just in case! 

5. Make up a "Guest Welcome Basket" for their room that includes bottled water, a beautiful bar of soap and a nice selection of toiletries. Make sure your towels are fresh, clean and in good shape.

6. Last, but definitely not least bring in a nice bouquet of fresh flowers. Nothing beats waking up to the scent of summer flowers.

Creating lasting, lifelong memories with friends and family over the summer months is a luxury and creates balance. Life can get so crazy the rest of the year with work, school, sports, deadlines, etc. It is super important to slow down and spend time reconecting with the people we love. Make it extra special.

Enjoy Summer!





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