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Why A Pretty Set of White Dishes Is A Must

Why should everyone have a set of white dishes? They are classic, versatile and timeless. No matter what your decorating style is and the colors and patterns you have in your home white dishes compliment. The beautiful meal you have prepared becomes the star on a white plate. Colors and textures pop! Read More »

A Special Gift For The Home For Family, Friends & Clients

Want to learn about my favorite gift to give for the home for family, friends and clients? These beautifull custom engraved solid maple cutting boards are useful, authentic and beautiful. Read More »

Learn How To Tell Your Story Of Style

How do you discover this story of you through your home and your clothing? For some, it seems so easy and natural. For others, it takes many years to discover that true sense of self and personal style. With attention and thought, you can discover and reflect your personal style. The secret is this: let it revolve around what you love - what you find not just inspirational, but aspirational. Read More »

Vintage Heritage

  I have a thing for any pretty glass but especially vintage glassware. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it has soul. If it could speak, imagine the stories it could tell. I... Read More »

The Pink Couch

Sometimes something inspires you and you just have to have it.  For me, this month, It was the pink, velvet sofa I found at market in Las Vegas. It is femine and... Read More »

The Necessity of Flowers

As Winter brings on it's bitterly cold, dark days,  a bright bouquet of fresh flowers in my home and workplace become necessary. As much as I love a warm, healthy fire with a good... Read More »

The Color Purple

The Color Purple Leads Us Into Intention, Intuition an Creativity In 2018 Read More »

There's No Place Like Home

Please read about what they are doing in Austin Texas to help the homeless. "Housing will never solve homelessness but community will" - Alan Graham Read More »

Trimming Your Table

The Holiday Season has begun. This time of year especially, is about celebrating all the good things in life and gathering with the people we love. A carefully curated table is as important as the food served. It engages the senses and sets the mood. Read More »

Falling Into Fall

Fall. A time to amuse your senses by bringing nature indoors and connect with your community. Read More »


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