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Learn How To Tell Your Story Of Style

I believe we all have a story to tell and our home is the setting to that story. Your home is an important part of your self expression. By designing and decorating your home with things you are drawn to, things you love, things that bring you energy, joy, comfort, peace and rejuvenation, you create the setting to your story. You may not be able to pinpoint why a room feels good. It just does because you have carefully curated it with things that are meaningful to you. It is authentic and will nurture and support you every day. The same is true of your clothing. Your personal style is reflected in the clothing you wear. You feel best when you love your clothes and feel good in them.

But how do you discover this story of you through your home and your clothing? For some, it seems so easy and natural. For others, it takes many years to discover that true sense of self and personal style. With attention and thought, you can discover and reflect your personal style. The secret is this: let it revolve around what you love - what you find not just inspirational, but aspirational.

I am excited to announce that we will be exploring this very topic on October 18 here at the store in Bend, Oregon. Join us for "Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder", a special event with Gather in Bend, Cowgirl Cash + Arrange. 

Join us for a Gathering of self-expression and wonder! The ladies from Gather, along with Rebecca of Cowgirl Cash and I will help you learn how and why we create beauty in our worlds. Join us for discussion, learning, exploration and a wonderful dinner designed to care for you in every way! There will be harvest tables set up in the middle of the store. It will be a night of beauty, discovery, and delicious food and wine!




A few thoughts to leave you with, before we dig into the exciting self-discovery on October 18...

The clothes you wear are an important part of your self-expression. And there is no one better to help you curate your personal style than Bend's long-time retailer Cowgirl Cash. Rebecca has a keen eye for the beautiful, the authentic and the practical. It has been her buying criteria for nine years. I hunted for a great pair of cowboy boots for years with no luck. Within a few weeks of partnering with Rebecca, she helped me find the perfect pair! Now there is a story of authentic self-expression wrapped up in those boots and I will treasure them, and the way they make me feel, forever. I can't wait to hear what Rebecca has to share with us at the Gather event on October 18.

Your home has a dramatic effect on how you feel, and how you experience life. A pretty sofa and a pretty new dress will always uplift us, but rituals are also important. Do you set your table every night for dinner with a candle and a linen napkin? Your daily meal becomes a ritual when you sit down and purposely enjoy how you are nourishing your body. How and where do you experience your morning coffee? Clean your home? Make your bed? These authentic and purposeful rituals all contribute to the way you walk through life. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my interior design knowledge and how it relates to your personal style discovery at the Gather event on October 18!

As we enjoy the company of each other, a community table and a delicious, nourishing dinner together, we will walk you through exercises that will help you...

Discover your Story. We all have a story to tell and the way we express ourselves helps to tell our story. Through our personal style, the way we dress, the environment in which we live in and the community that surrounds us, we introduce our true selves.

Engage with your Character. We are the main characters in our individual stories. The way we look, style our hair and the clothes we wear send off an immediate impression to the world about who we are. When we are younger we may tend to follow what others are doing and the latest trends but as we grow older, by the choices we make, we begin to trust our intuition and ease into what we feel is good allowing ourselves to create our own authentic style.

Love your Setting. Our homes are the settings to our stories. Paying attention to how you design and decorate your home by mindfully and intuitively trusting your instincts, choosing things you love and bring you joy, you will successfully create a sanctuary that will support and nurture you every day. You may not be able to pinpoint why a room feels good. It just does because you have carefully curated it with things you were drawn too and are meaningful. It is authentic and will nurture and support you every day.

Tap into your resource & community. In my personal story, it has been a joy to collaborate with Cowgirl Cash, a local native and long time retailer in downtown Bend. Cowgirl Cash is a treasure trove filled with unique, quality cowboy boots, vintage clothing, beautiful jewelry and accessories. Rebecca has a keen eye and incredible sense of style. Moving into a shared space, Arrange has been able to begin curating an arrangement of special “finds”, home furnishings and accessories. By coming together in a shared space, our purpose is to hunt for and provide authentic, practical, beautiful things that are unique and purposeful for you and your home that will nurture and allow you to express the best version of yourself. You too can find relationships, whether business or personal (or both!) that add to your story in meaningful and fruitful ways. Let's brainstorm together on October 18!

Don’t Miss This Event!

We are so excited to parther with The “Gather Girls in Bend” for an evening of self-expression and wonder. In our newly shared space, we will explore how and why we create beauty in our worlds and gather together around harvest tables to connect with friends old and new and celebrate the expression of life! Space is limited so get your tickets today! 

We look forward to seeing you for "Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder" at Arrange + Cowgirl Cash in Downtown Bend, Oregon on October 18! Bring a friend and don't forget to GET TICKETS HERE.



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