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3 Summer Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

The Deschutes River is filling up with paddleboards, kayaks and floaters, Cascade Lakes Highway is open for adventure and the Downtown Farmer’s Market has begun. Summer fever is here in Bend. It has been a long, hard winter.

We know how great it is to live here and the tourists, who are bustling in, are discovering that too. If you are thinking about listing your home this summer, here are three simple ways you can enhance buyers so they feel at home.

1. GIVE ATTENTION TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.  This is about the most important element in your home. It is the buyer’s first impression.  It must be clean, inviting and spot on! A fresh coat of paint, swept entry, simple doormat and a lovely flower pot will get you there. Geraniums are good because they are hardy and always in bloom.  If you lack sun, go for some colorful coleus.

2. A BOUQUET.  A fresh bouquet of flowers on your dining table and another in your master bedroom are the two most important places. You can purchase one bouquet, add some greenery and divide into two to reduce cost.

3. BACKYARD ENTERTAINMENT . Whatever size or condition your backyard is in, it needs to be staged to show you can use it to entertain. No matter how big or small, add  few flower pots or herbs and /or  set an outdoor dining table that fits. It doesn’t have to be big, just needs to show the backyard is useable.

As always, the two most important things to remember when selling your home  is a well staged home should be free of clutter and of neutral color. The buyer needs to imagine themselves LIVING in the home not just touring yours.

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