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The Happy Drawer

Falling into fall, and into a new routine. As the girls head back to school I find myself retreating more into my office. After the outdoor, playful, seasons of Spring and Summer, Fall has me yearning for renewal, purpose, accomplishment, retreat, organization and routine. My awareness heightens at this time of year as I draw inward and spend more time indoors  dreaming, comtemplating and creating. That said, I wanted to share with you the 3 things I have at my desk. First though, I need to highlight how a solid, designated workspace and desk are essential to your process. I believe the style of the desk is a personal preference but the location should not be your dining room table or your lap as you lounge on the sofa in your living room. Why? We all know that nowadays, with our laptops, we can get work done anywhere. However, when you have a desk in a private workplace in your home there is opportunity to use it for so much more than just basic, work tasks. With the appropriate space and a few desk necessities you will more likely be inspired to spend time simply sitting and pondering. In this fast-paced world we all need time to slow down and just be. At my desk I pause, I turn off the phone and let my mind go. Our thought form our reality. It is so important to allow this.  To sit, and see what are thoughts create.

What Are My 3 Essential Desk Necessities?

1. A favorite writing pen.

I threw out all my bad, useless pens, only kept my favorite and then, bought it in bulk! My favorite pen is a Bic Uniball Vision Elite. It feels great, it's white, clean and I am convinced my penmanship is much better when I write with it!

2.  Something great to write on.

A special journal or a writing pad of some sort. My preference is simple, black and white composition books. I have a half a dozen, each designated to a topic or theme. Business Inspiration/Ideas, Specific Goals, Home Projects, Outdoor Gardening Ideas and so on. I love writing in them and having one for every specific topic keeps my thoughts organized.

3. A "Happy Drawer".

What is a "Happy Drawer" you ask? I have designated my left hand desk drawer to house sentimental, meaningful things that I have been given or collected. Instead of stuffing them into a random drawer, closet , scrapbook or box where they become hidden and forgotten, I keep them at my desk. This way I go through them regularly and am reminded of how grateful I am for all the good things life has given me. A "Happy Drawer" is personal. So, what goes in it is what you decide. There are no limits. It is for anything that makes you happy. If your desk doesn't have drawers a small, decorative box will work. The purpose is to have these things together, by your side so that when you are at your desk doing necessary, boring work tasks you can open your "Happy Drawer" at any given moment and be reminded of all the gifts you have been given. Maybe it will inspire you to write a handwritten note to a loved one, write in a journal or share a story when opening your "Happy Drawer".

We all have a story to tell and we all learn from each other through our stories. Our homes, which include are personal office space, are the setting to our story. It supports and nurtures us. Your office/workspace is where dreams and ideas can be formulated from your heart and your mind to pen and paper. The more we share with each other, the more we appreciate our likenesses, as well as understand our differences. We are all contributing to the same one puzzle with our own unique piece. Make your personal office space a place to work, but also to pause, reflect and be inspired to share your piece.

The Inside of My Happy Drawer.


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