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The Necessity of Flowers

As Winter brings on it's bitterly cold, dark days,  a bright bouquet of fresh flowers in my home and workplace become necessary. As much as I love a warm, healthy fire with a good book at night to end my day, I equally enjoy my morning coffee with a lively, colorful spark from nature to get me going in the morning. The absence of light affects our energy. A fresh bouquet of flowers will boost your mood. Sometime I just stare at them for a few minutes. It's my version of a simple meditation. Not only do they bring life, fresh flowers have been proven to foster creativity and promote concentration. They are welcoming and provide an instant, aesthetic warm appeal to any room.



In February, my favorite fresh flowers to bring home are Tulips. Cut bouquets become widely available at this time in an array of colors at many grocery stores. They are simple and symmetrical which makes arranging them very easy. Tulips symbolize perfect love. Isn't love what we are all here for? Red tulips are associated the most, with love. Purple tulips signify royality, nobility and imagination, while yellow brings on cheerful thoughts.  Pink symbolizes happiness while white conveys purity and forgiveness. They are one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring creating with them a sense of birth and renewal.


Treat yourself to fresh flowers once a week. Our environment is as important as the food we eat and is essential to our health and well-being. Add a bouquet of nourishment for your soul to your grocery list. Make your setting to your life story fresh, energetic and beautiful.


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