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What is Interior Styling?

“An interior is a natural projection of the soul.”
                                             -Coco Chanel

What is Interior Styling?

Interior Styling is about encompassing your life, your style and your story into your own unique, one of a kind setting. It is more than making things pretty. It’s about taking your special memories, embracing your heritage, honoring your interests, finds and collections, capturing your essence and carefully curating it into an environment that nurtures you. 

When my kids were little we had a revolving gallery wall of their favorite artwork that went up the stairs. All pieces were framed and matted similarly to create artistic continuity. It was a true “Gallery Wall” but instead of using pieces that were bought, we used meaningful pieces to them and highlighted them individually.  It was beautiful, organized, and loved by our family.  There are so many ways to make the simple, sentimental things in your life, beautiful and functional and why not showcase them.

Everything that surrounds you matters. Our environment is part of our human core.

It  supports us and allows our individual stories to thrive. Big or small, extravagant or simple, we all have a purpose and a story to share.
I am here to help you express yours.


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