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Why Green?

A healthy, green plant nestled into a corner of a room breathes life, balance and harmony. Yes, it is a live, living plant so of course it breathes, but it's also about the color. The color green balances our heart and emotions say many Color Psychologists. It is the color of renewal and birth and is essential to our home becoming a sanctuary. A safe, resting spot is what we all need after a day spent in the fast-paced "craziness" of our world today. We all need to be restored back to our sense of well-being when we come home.

Green is a combination of yellow, which symbolizes optimism and mental clarity, and blue which signifies calmness and insight. Mixed together green represents hope, good judgement, clear thought, love and creativity. Who wouldn't want all this in their living space!

 Here are 5 easy ways to go green.

1.  Plants. Live plants belong in every house. You don't have to have alot and they don't have to be in every room but a nice grouping of three in a main room, a big potted plant in a corner in the entry, or perhaps a selection of potted herbs grouped together in the kitchen on a wooden tray, or window sill ( again 3 is a nice number)  will suffice. Herbs, in my opinion look best planted in simple, terra cotta pots.

2.  Furniture. If your color scheme is fairly neutral, add an accent chair, a bench or some upholstered dining room chairs in an earthy, shade of green for some instant pop of "positive energy".

3.  Accessories. Think accent pillows, a soft green throw on a sofa or bed, lamp shades, green glass candles or a stack of green books on a table or shelf. Any of these will bring forth serenity.

4.  Artwork.  Do you have a favorite piece of artwork to highlight that is predominantly green? Put it in a special space that you see frequently. It doesn't have to be a painting, it can be a piece of pottery, glass, a tapestry or some other type of art form.

5.  Dishes & Glassware. Not all your dishes have to be green. By adding some glassware, mugs or a serving platter or two you can introduce a bit of green into your every day experiences.

As we become more aware of how our environments affect us we will discover how the color green is so vital. That is why green is found so much in nature.

"Greenery", a yellowish shade of green, was Pantone's "pick" for their 2017 " Color Of The Year". To read more about Pantone and why they chose this color visit: 



 Go Green!







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