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Why The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 Is So Important To Our Story

I always say our lives are our story and our homes are the main setting to that story. Our surroundings, inside and out, affect everything we think, do, and feel. Earth is our outside surroundings, it's the planet we were born into and live on. This weekend is a good time to stop, reflect and pay attention to the natural phenomenon that will occur in our environment this coming Monday, August 21st.

Living in Bend, Oregon, just a few miles outside the direct path of the eclipse, I have witnessed a lot of excitement and anticipation for this event. Thousands of people are beginning to descend on to Central Oregon. Why here? Madras, a small town about 45 minutes north of Bend has been designated to be one of the top places to witness this rare, total eclipse. Not only is it situated right in the center of the path, it is predicted to be a great, weather spot. It is known for it's clear, August skies and dry weather. When the sky darkens for those two minutes and the moon covers the sun, the temperature will drop and millions of stars will shine. The wide, open landscape will allow for views far and wide. 

Why is this eclipse so rare?

Total eclipses occur every year or two but usually somewhere in the ocean or some obscure place where only a limited amount of people can view it. The Great American Eclipse on Monday will sweep the whole width of the United States. Those on the outskirts of the direct path, even up through Canada, down through Central America, and the top of South America, will experience a partial view. This eclipse occurs on US soil only. The last time a solar eclipse swept the width of the United States was in 1918.

It's easy to see how relevant this event is to both our individual stories and our collective story as Americans and human beings. As an Interior Stylist, I am continuously reminded how valuable it can be to not only notice, but also co-create our surroundings, both inside and out. It will be a time where we can all look up into the sky, the universe, and think outside of ourselves, our fears, our political and religious beliefs, our sexual identities and realize we are all one, similar and different, but collectively living on this planet, surrounded by the stars, warmed by the sun and moved by the moon. We are all active participants to one, big story called life on earth. Here to experience it together, to discover our purpose and share our talents and gifts. Each one of us offers a unique piece to the collective puzzle.

Our environment is the setting to all of our individual stories. It starts from the planet we live on, to our nation, our community, and then to the inside of our individual homes. How can we create environments that support and nurture us? As always when it comes to the interior of your home, your office or wherever you hang your hat... I am here to assist you in styling your settting with intention and purpose to support and nurture you. We all have a story and our environment, specifically our homes ,are the main setting to that story.


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