The pink sofa


Sometimes something inspires you and you just have to have it.  For me, this month, It was the pink, velvet sofa I found at market in Las Vegas. It is femine and beautiful and the perfect addition to my office. Surrounding yourself with pretty things that excite you is paramount. It's not about accumulating lots of stuff, it's about allowing yourself to splurge once in awhile on something you know will bring you joy. The pink sofa in my office is expressive, it's fun and sparks my creativity.

Not all splurges have to be that big. Perhaps you come across some elegant, vintage glassware at an Estate Sale, interesting fabric for a pillow or a beautiful book for your coffee table. My point is that once in awhile adding a few touches of elegance, inspiration and beauty that excite you, wil enhance your surroundings and make your home a beautiful oasis providing peace, tranquility and a celebration of senses. It is what makes your home stylish and your own unique setting to your personal story.

Have a great week,


P.S. Did you know there is now an app for Estate Sales in your local area? It is called and it will give you directions to sales near you and also bring up photos! So fun!

Suzanne Molt