We arrange spaces that are authentic, practical and beautiful.

Interior Design

Your home is the setting to your story.

Kitchen Interior Design

Whether you are building from the ground up, reconstructing an existing home, or updating a single room I can assist you with all the finishing details. My goal is to assist you in creating a space that reflects your lifestyle, individual taste and interests. Upon our initial meeting I will listen to your thoughts and ideas, learn about your passions and interests and review your plans. Together we will develop a strategy to arrange a space that is comfortable, beautiful, functional and inspiring resulting in a perfect setting for your life story.

Design Services Include Assistance In Selection Of The Following:

  • Paint Colors
  • Cabinet Design
  • Hardware, Fixtures & Finishes Carpet & Flooring
  • Window Coverings
  • Furniture & Accessories
  • Special Details Unique To You


”Suzanne worked with me to really transform my home from the ordinary to the extraordinary and in the process created a space that is truly my sanctuary.

I travel extensively for work and the feeling of walking back through my own front door and into a space that is so carefully crafted as a comfortable and welcoming respite from the world is priceless.

Suzanne did a great job balancing form with function while incorporating my shifting tastes and all with keen eye for detail and a vision for the end result.”  

                                                                                                                           -Brad Stark



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