Happy Winter

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The last few weeks a thick blanket of snow fell over Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest bringing with it pretty trees, simplistic beauty and awesome skiing! Unlike other seasons of the year that bring us beauty through color, with flower blooms and changing leaf foliage, winter brings a sort of blank canvas where the bare bones of the tree branches reach for the sky twisting and integrating with each other in a majestic, perfectly simple sort of way.  When the ground is covered with a blanket of white it reminds me of a blank coloring book with endless possibilities or a charcoal drawing where the beauty is in the form.

During the winter months, after all the decorations are put away its nice to sit with a blank slate for a bit, slowly putting things back into place, rearranging and refreshing. The original “Winter White Sale” was created with the idea of beginning the year with a clean house and refreshing. The “White Sale” goes back 125 years when John Wannamaker created this idea for his namesake store in Philadelphia.  The tradition is still alive today. Start by replacing the worn basics with new, then think about what new colors you may want to bring in this year and start coloring it in slowly.

In honor of our freshly, fallen  snow, simplicity and time for a possible refresh and rearrange, Arrange is having a “Winter White Sale” through the end of February. We are extending our own “Winter White” sale to include not only our beautiful organic cotton duvet covers, sheets, decorative pillows & towels but also all area rugs as well. 

All 15%off.

Refresh and redecorate!

Recently back from market, we have lots of  beautiful new items arriving weekly!

Hope to see you soon,


Suzanne Molt