Why A Pretty Set of White Dishes Is A Must


Why does everyone need white dishes? Simple. They are classic, timeless and versatile

You Can Use All Year.

No matter what season or time of year  it is, they fit in. It is easy to add colors of the season by accessorizing with candles, table linens,  seasonal items from nature and flowers. Colored glassware, accent plates and serving pieces mixed in are also beautiful ways to compliment the classic white plate. Think of your dishes as the base. Your linens, candles, special serving pieces are the jewelry.

They Go With Every Decorating Style.

No matter if your home is traditional, modern, farmhouse, mid-century or a combination of a few, white dishes go with everything. They go with every style, paint color, wallpaper, upholstery fabric, artwork and so on. You only need one classic set. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or a back yard barbecue, they will go. Dress them up with crystal and silver or dress them down with a red-checkered table cloth and rustic glasses.

Food Looks Best On A White Plate.

Any dish looks better on a white plate. The color of your vegetables, the texture of your meat, desserts, everything stand out more on a white plate. There is no background color or pattern competing with what should be the “star” of the table which is the amazing meal you have prepared.

Do White Dishes Scratch Easy?

If you have owned white dishes in the past and after a period of time notice they develop grey smudges, those are actually not scratches. They don’t actually indent the dish. Over a period of time, depending on the quality of the dishes, white plates can develop grey marks from our silverware. Sometimes your dishwasher won’t get them out. However this damage is reversible with a simple solution. Baking soda or cream of tartar mixed with water to combine a paste works great. Apply to your dish, let sit for a minute and then gently scrub away with a sponge. 

Our Favorite White Dish.

Nine years ago at market, I found these pretty white dishes. I immediately bought some for myself and brought them into my store that I had in Tacoma, Washington at the time. I use them every day and still love them!!  They are called Clos Du Manoir and are made in France. The beautiful oval shape adds a personal touch and offsets any round accent plates you might want to mix in for different occasions beautifully. The dinner plate is a great size for any meal, large or small. It is the perfect plate for Thanksgiving!


Because we love these dishes so much they are on sale at 15% off through Sunday, December 23, 2018 

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