Vintage Heritage


I have a thing for any pretty glass but especially vintage glassware. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it has soul. If it could speak, imagine the stories it could tell. I always wonder where it came from, where it has been, what it has seen, whose hands it has its been in, what kind of cocktails it has served and at what kind of parties. A vintage glass feels good in your hand. It is elegant. It eludes class, sophistication and style. A drink is enhanced and savored when served in a special glass.

What better way to kick off your "Fourth of July" Barbecue then serving a specialty cocktail in a vintage cocktail glass? They don’t have to all match! Let each one sparkle on it’s own.

Bring out the silver trays as well! A “Burger Condiment Bar” would be “oh so much prettier” on a silver tray. Nothing is too fancy for any party if you mix it up. You can still use the paper plates & napkins for a larger crowd.

The "Fourth of July" is a celebration of our country’s Birthday. It’s a day spent honoring the United States of America, it’s present state, it’s past and it’s heritage. As we reflect on our nation and celebrate together why not honor our past and our future with a special “toast” in a vintage glass. Oh, if those glasses could talk.....

Happy Fourth of July!

Suzanne Molt